Hello there, my first name is Nora and I have been the person behind this blog. I like writing about property investing.

I started off as a newbie much like you and had nearly zero success in my investments. As a matter of fact, my initial couple of property purchases were a complete disappointment. I lost money more than I gained. However, I didn’t fully understand nearly all of the advice I’m presently talking about on this website, so the failure was anticipated from a holistic viewpoint.

After dabbling in the real estate investment world at first with virtually no financial success, I resolved to make it. I eventually became determined to not ever quit no matter the size of the hurdles I encountered. I chose to attempt once again but this time seriously, and strive once more I did.

Now here comes the most interesting part. I gained awesome results after delving into the real estate investment world to acquire all the information I desired to pull off something considerable. I began profiting big time, all because of that resoluteness to not just obtain the vital knowledge I needed, but also to realize success. My initial failure also played a crucial role in my success. It was a learning experience in my opinion.

When I’m not here blogging, I’m most of the time going to discussions, gatherings, and heading seminars. When I’m in my house, I spend time with my wife and children. We are one big completely happy family.

The reason for this blog is to reveal my experience in order to help you enjoy my 5-year experience without spending a dime.